While reading the morning obituaries, Rose wonders how she will be remembered. As a mother? As a wife? As an artist? In her desire to be seen and heard, she dons her wedding dress and visits her daughters’ school, her husband’s university, and the Superstore. Eventually Rose finds herself alone again in the basement.
Filled with memories and the weight of her choices, she opens up and unpacks her life, retracing the steps that have lead her to today. By inspecting her seemingly-perfect existence, Rose begins to understand the true cost of pursuing her art.

Catherine Banks’ Bitter Rose played at The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op with the support of Theatre Nova Scotia, from June 8th-11th, 2017.

Rose – Kim Parkhill

Directed by Jake Planinc
Stage Management and Design by Chelsea Dickie
Produced by Alex Mills

Poster Designed by Lindsay Laltoo (Art Things by Linds)
Photography by Samm Fisher (Samm Fisher Photography)

“Bitter Rose”, June 2017

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