Matchstick Theatre presented the ten-year anniversary production of Catherine Banks’
Bone Cage at the Bus Stop Theatre, from October 5th-15th, 2017.

Set against the backdrop of the forestry industry, Bone Cage takes a hard look at the lives of seven people in rural Nova Scotia. Each of the intensely relatable and complex characters is looking to escape, but will their pasts, circumstances, or relationships allow it? It is a bleak, real, and identifiable play that pulls no punches.

Jamie – Taylor Olson
Chicky – Jessy Matthews
Krista – Katie Dorian
Kevin – Sam Vigneault
Clarence – Sébastien Labelle
Robbie – Kyle Gillis
Lissa – Hermione Davis

Director – Jake Planinc
Stage Manager & Costume Designer – Chelsea Dickie
Producer – Alex Mills
Set Designer – Wes Babcock
Sound Designer – Jordan Palmer
Lighting Designer – Alison Crosby

Poster Design by Lindsay Laltoo (Art Things by Linds)
Photography by Samm Fisher (Samm Fisher Photography)

Bone Cage Press Photos

  • Taylor Olson - Jamie
    Jessy Matthews - Chicky
    Katie Dorian - Krista
    Sam Vigneault - Kevin
    Sebastien Labelle - Clarence
  • Kyle Gillis - Robby
    Hermione Davis - Lissa
    All Cast

“Bone Cage”, October 2017

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