A scruffy, exhausted man is lost in the woods at nightfall with only a few sentimental objects in his pockets. Alone in a clearing, he unloads his thoughts to the surrounding wilderness, ranting and raging, unraveling a story of a troubled past and of the family he adores, eventually coming to terms with the impossible truth of what he’s done.

In July of 2018, Matchstick presented its production of Don Hannah’s The Woodcutter, with support from Arts Nova Scotia.

Ted – Sebastien Labelle

Directed by Jake Planinc
Stage Managed by Chelsea Dickie
Produced by Alex Mills
Lighting Design by Alison Crosby
Sound Design by Jordan Palmer
Set Design by Wesley Babcock

Poster Design by Colleen MacIsaac
Photography by Samm Fisher (Samm Fisher Photography)

The Woodcutter Press Photos

  • Woodcutter Outside-1
    Woodcutter Outside-2
    Woodcutter Outside-3
    Woodcutter Outside-4
    Woodcutter Outside-5
  • Woodcutter Outside-6
    Woodcutter Outside-7
    Woodcutter Outside-8
    Woodcutter Outside-9
    Woodcutter Outside-10
  • Woodcutter Outside-11
    Woodcutter Outside-12
    Woodcutter Outside-13
    Woodcutter Outside-14
    Woodcutter Outside-15
  • Woodcutter Outside-16

“The Woodcutter”, July 2018

  • Woodcutter Stage
    Woodcutter Performance-19
    Woodcutter Performance-1
    Woodcutter Performance-2
    Woodcutter Performance-4
  • Woodcutter Performance-3
    Woodcutter Performance-6
    Woodcutter Performance-7
    Woodcutter Performance-8
    Woodcutter Performance-10
  • Woodcutter Performance-9
    Woodcutter Performance-11 (1)
    Woodcutter Performance-11
    Woodcutter Performance-12
    Woodcutter Performance-13
  • Woodcutter Performance-14
    Woodcutter Performance-15
    Woodcutter Performance-16