Lisa Cochrane, The Chronicle Herald

“Matchstick Theatre…is attempting to
carve a name for themselves as the
local theatre company that focuses
exclusively on revitalizing works from
the Canadian canon, while simultaneously
supporting the wealth of emerging
talent that exists in Halifax’s bustling
theatre scene. The summation of its
ambitious 2018 season, all taking place
at the Bus Stop Theatre on Gottingen,
includes three provocative productions
sure to attract audiences wanting to
be both tickled and challenged when
they park their bums in seats on
Matchstick’s time.” Full article here

The Woodcutter – July 2018

Carey Bray, The Coast

“This ambitious Matchstick production features a standout performance from Sébastien Labelle.”

“Matchstick Theatre can—and should—applaud itself on tackling the darker, serious theatre that others won’t dare to do…”

“Labelle surrenders himself entirely to the role of Ted, a man navigating the dark forest that is the extensively transformed Bus Stop Theatre.”
Full article here

Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes – March 2018

Carey Bray, Everyone’s A Critic Reviews

“Director Alison Crosby has crafted a solid rendition of Tannahill’s original work. Finely acted…with Sarty’s sincere likability and an endearing sense of allegiance, you feel Peter’s hope as he reaches out into the dark hoping someone’s there to reach back.” Full article here

Meghan Hubley, The Present Presence

“I am really hyped that Matchstick
is here in Halifax and dedicated
to the work of Canadian playwrights…
they are dreaming big and bold
and that’s what the indie theatre
scene needs.” Full article here

Bone Cage – October 2017

Lisa Cochrane, The Chronicle Herald

“Move over established Halifax theatre companies, newcomer Matchstick Theatre has just sat down at the big table…Book ahead…this play could leave you on a waiting list, disappointed, very much still on the ground.” Full article here

Michael Lake, The Coast

“…the material is rich and complex…strong direction and powerful performances take the poetry of despair and make it sing.” Full article here

“A great indie production from an intrepid theatre company, Bone Cage boasted a mesmerizing lead performance from Jessy Matthews, and a tour de force script from the great Catherine Banks.” 
Full article here

Bitter Rose – June 2017

Michael Lake, The Coast

“Kim Parkhill is astounding as Rose. She keeps the audience enraptured, giving glimpses into the depth of her character with a single glance or gesture. In one moment, sorrow bubbles, pooling tears in her eyes, and in the next it is dismissed with anger, or resolve, or evaded with a joke. Catherine Banks, two-time winner of the Governor General’s award for drama, has written a complex, challenging, and deeply feminist play. Parkhill and director Jake Planinc have taken the nuance off the page and staged a relevant and hard-hitting piece of theatre.”Full article here